Exotic hardwood decking

There are numerous species of tropical hardwoods to choose from

Ipe decking lumberIpe or Ironwood

Ipe is the most common tropical hardwood in use. It has a rich chocolate brown to red color. Is very strong and has an “A” fire rating. Because of it’d extreme density Ipe is impervious to insect damage. It ages gracefully to a nice silver color but, can be stained to preserve the original appearance. Ipe is a mid-priced decking solution however, installation costs are typically significantly higher than softwood or composite decking.

Mahogany species

There are 278 species of mahogany world-wide. numerous of these have been brought to market for decking although true mahogany is seldom seen. Some popular varieties include Batu (Red Balau), Dark Red Meranti Bukit, and Yellow Balau. Batu is very hard and dense with a class “A” flame spread rating and has a deep red tone. Meranti varies in color from a blonde to deep red and the variation adds interest. Meranti is a softer and more workable lumber, installation costs are similar to cedar. All mahogany species have beautiful knot-free straight grain and age gracefully free from decay. specialized installation techniques are important to follow.Meranti batu balau


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